I offer an alternative to those who do not wish to have a traditional religious funeral service. I will create a ceremony that is completely personal, incorporating the unique stories and experiences that defined your loved one. This approach places greater emphasis on how they lived their life, their personality traits and your memories, making the ceremony a truly memorable occasion that will remain in your heart forever.



Planning a funeral service in advance

Planning your own funeral can provide peace of mind for you and your family. Making plans now, means that your family won’t have to second guess what you would have wanted. They’ll know you were remembered exactly as you wanted to be and this can be a source of great comfort to your family during a very difficult, emotional time.


Sometimes a terminally ill person may wish to discuss arrangements and I can arrange to visit at home, or in a hospital or hospice. This may save the family a lot of distress and make it easier when the time arrives for the funeral arrangements to be made.



Scattering or interment of ashes

Whether it’s straight after the funeral or a long while afterwards, I can help you introduce your loved one to their final resting place with a beautiful and meaningful ceremony at the graveside or a place of your choosing.



Memorial and remembrance services

Memorial services help us to remember our loved ones and keep them close to our hearts. These ceremonies tend to be less formal and can be held on a date that has special meaning, such as their birthday or the anniversary of their death.


You can even choose to hold the service in a location that has personal significance such as a favourite park or restaurant so that you can remember them in your own way.



Pet funerals

Our pets can have a loving place in our family and the joy they bring is a wonderful thing. Anyone who has ever had a cherished pet remembers their character, their companionship, their misdemeanours and their ‘funny’ ways.


When a pet dies, especially a child's pet, the loss felt can be quite strong. This is often the child's first experience of death and we can use this as an opportunity to talk about death to the child and introduce them to the concept of saying goodbye.


I can help you bury your pet with stories marking the life you led together, which greatly assists the grieving process and acknowledges the benefits you all received from that special bond.


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